Non-adhesive Anti-microbial and UV Irradiating (germicidal) Implantable Sheet

Non-adhesive Anti-microbial and UV Irradiating (germicidal) Implantable Sheet

Postoperative fever, atelectasis, wound infection, embolism and deep vein thrombosis are the most common postoperative complications from surgery but there are many other complications that endanger any patient that has to undergo a medical operation.

Yehonatan Medical has developed a non-adhesive anti-microbial sheet promoting selective, regulatable irradiation with UV germicidal light designed to kill the organisms that cause infections following implantation within the stomach cavity prior to surgical closure. The sheet also incorporates fiber optic cable/s containing a camera facilitating dynamic evaluation of the implantation site to supply physicians with critical post-operative prognostic and diagnostic indicators.

This sheet is designed to prevent tissue adhesion, surgical and tissue complications and infections during the critical period of the final stages of the operation.

This sheet contains a powerful anti-microbial agent that reduces the chance of infection in the patient and has added features that diminish the effects of friction in the use of the sheet.

The sheet enhances the closing and sealing of the incision site because of its use and position inside the body cavity creates an additional barrier to infection and surgical complications.

The fully bio-compatible anti-adhesive sheet prevents tissue surrounding the sheet in the body cavity from sticking to it.

The sheet will be offered in various sizes and thicknesses according to the particular surgical requirement.