The President of the company, Dr. Michael Cohen, at a quarterly meeting with the Minister for Business Development Mr. Eli Cohen, who is actively occupied with strategic planning for development and advancement of technological initiatives. During the meeting the minister detailed the importance of the establishment of a technological incubator in Gush Etzion and aid to Israeli Start Ups.   

The Yonatan Medical Group was granted the privilege of participating

in the project of Young Science Researchers of the Ministry of Education

that was set up for exceptional students in the science

and bio-medical studies.

The project was implemented in cooperation with universities and hospitals in Israel and around the world such as Beilinson, Sheba and Hadassah. First of all we strive to encourage excellence in novel and breakthrough courses that place the school at the front of academic research in the science fields, bio-medical and technological spheres.

What is excellence?

Our attitude is that a complete effort and the strive for constant improvement are what create excellence. A student that strives for excellence will work to realize his own potential and in most cases will be characterized as having high ambition, motivation, creativity and conceptual openness. This type of student will untiringly find challenges and will prefer the composite over the familiar. The placement of targets, striving for goals and drawing conclusions will be his guiding light.

The path to specialization in a field of medicine passes through all these in addition to learning from the daily experiences and challenges of medical professionals. The research program conducted by Yehonatan Medical opens a window of opportunity for students and with the close guidance of medical professionals the road is paved to excellence.   

This is an amazing initiative and a special thanks must be made to Nahami Hollander of the AMIT Network and Penina Friedman, Gil Bardugu Ariye and the supervision team of Chemed Jerusalem and all the directors and partners in the initiative.